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tv   News  Al Jazeera  December 3, 2015 11:30am-12:01pm EST

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work-place shooting, but it also has tappings of terrorism. >> dating back to where you are in kansas city, it used to be with the st. valentine's day massacre, we were talking about 28s, and maybe midnight specials, but know we are talking about people that are armed to the teeth. how difficult is that making the job of fbi agents like yourself? >> it certainly makes it difficult. when i was in the fbi during the drug wars when we found ourselves constantly outguns. now we see they are seeing easier to get in the hands of criminals. and do we really want to strip the police departments of these military-style weapons when in fact they are faced with it daily. i don't think it's a matter of the police departments having them, it's more when and how to deploy them. >> mr. toddman thank you for
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being with us. this is al jazeera america, i'm del walters. we have been following that deadly massacre in san bernardino, california. president obama speaking, saying it is unclear if approximate the shooting rampage was terrorism or workplace related. the police are trying to figure all of this out. they have now released the identities of the two suspects involved in the attacks, a 28-year-old, and a 27-year-old, opening fire inside the social services center there. 14 were killed, at least 17 injured some of them critically at least at this hour, police not yet releasing their identities. alan schauffler is live for us from san bernardino, and have we learned about any possible motive? >> reporter: no, we haven't.
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we are having a press conference in about half an hour, we expect to learn more at that time. but the question was this workplace violence, an act of terrorism, or a weird mix of those two. we just don't know at this point, hoping to learn more from the law enforcement in the next 24 hours. >> what do we know about the victims? >> reporter: we have just gotten an update on the folks who are still hospitalized. as we understand it now, the numbers we're getting this morning, ten people still hospitalized in two local hospitals at loma linda medical center, two are critical and three fair. and at arrowhead regional center, those are all listed as stable at this point. there has been no indication about when any of these folks might be released.
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clearly some of the people who were brought in yesterday after the shooting have been treated and released, but no information at this point about when these other folks who were injured and receiving treatment are going to get out of the hospital. >> alan schauffler, covering the situation in california. thank you very much. and just a short while ago, loma linda university, their ceo giving an update on some of those victims. he talked also about how the situation was managed yesterday. >> just by way of a briefing on the five pash engineers we have. we have two that are still in critical condition, three in fair condition. we had a called-in bomb threat to the institution. that always is something we take seriously. you never know whether it is credible or not. so our practice and policy is to always take those matters seriously. we bring in, in an event like this, all hands on deck. we bring in trauma surgeons and all support and nursing staff.
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so we had a large group of professionals that were prepared to take multiple casualties if that were the case. unfortunately they were able to distribute patients among a number of area hospitals, but we could have handled many more if that were necessary. we were not a -- advised by law enforcement to lockdown the facility, so we did not lockdown the facility yesterday, because there was no information of an immediate threat to the institution. because we are level one trauma center, there are still automobile accidents and strokes and heart attacks. we remained open to try to address patients that may need immediate care. >> that is the ceo of the loma linda medical center. moments ago, president obama talking about the shooting from the white house. he called it a disturbing pattern of gun violence in america that needs to be
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addressed. >> we all have a part of play. and i do think that as the investigation moves forward, it's going to be important for all of us, including our legislatures to see what we can do to make sure that when individuals decide that they want to do somebody harm, we'll make it a little harder for them to do it, because right now it's just too easy. >> that is in case you are keeping count, the 15th time that president obama speaking out about mass shootings in america. mike viqueira is live in washington. mike, it seems sometimes like in washington they might be running out of words to say. >> reporter: certainly president obama has expressed his visceral frustration, del, over the course of the last year, after a series of horrific shootingings, hope that anything could be done in congress to curve gun violence. hope largely given up in the
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wake of the failure after perhaps the most horrific shooting of all, no one can dispute that the an -- the new town shootings at sandy hook in connecticut where those young children -- many people thought that would shock the nation, shock construction into finally moving on much of this legislation, much of which had been expired since the last time gun legislation was introduced. that during the clinton as administration. gun legislation advocates will tell you at a local and state level progress is being made, but very little sign of it here in congress. in the wake of he is shootings now, the battle lines firming up, ted cruz, the republican fire brand on the right side of the political spectrum saying he
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is going to be holding a second amongment rights rally. meanwhile democrats lining up to have press conferences of their own. the president appearing in an official setting not in the white briefing room as he has in the past, expressing his anger, but talking about perhaps there are mixed motives in this shooting. he says it is possible that it could be terror related. it's also possible that it could be work-place related. and i think you saw the president there eager to be seen with his top law enforcement officials, the fbi director, attorney general and others staying on top of this as these motivations remain unclear. and in addition to the lethal weaponry found on this husband and wife as they were overtaken that there were yet more weaponry at home that was found afterwards. the president staying on top of
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this. we expect to hear from the attorney general in a press conference later today. meanwhile from capitol hill there will be no shortage of reaction, del. >> mike, to that note, there is a sense, sometimes that washington is tone deaf, but this is hitting washington on the front page of the "washington post" reporting there have been 355 mass killings in the united states in a year that is only 342 days old. and also that moment of silence on capitol hill on what was supposed to be a festive occasion. >> reporter: there are people being killed in gun violence and active shooter situations, the horrific series that we have seen just this year, most recently the planned parenthood clinic over the thanksgiving weekend, at charleston south carolina in a place of worship,
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but the answer that is typically given by the long-time top official at the nra is that the answer is not to take guns away or restrict what kinds of guns or the ammunition clips that go in those automatic weapons. their answer is to arm more people. to provide a disincentive for those who would do harm to so-call so-called soft targets around the country. >> mike viqueira for us in washington. thank you very much. as you heard mike say the political rhetoric only growing louder in the hours following those shootings in california. lawmakers are being challenged to come up with a way to stop these events while supporting their constituents. joe watkins saying he is still hopeful that republicans and democrats will eventually work together. >> there is a window, i mean, if
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we can get past the strong rhetoric, and get past whatever stances people have had in the past, and concentrate on the issue of safety, how do we make our country a safer place? remember there are other countries that have strict gun-control laws, france has strict gun-control laws and yet we just saw a terrible massacre take place a couple of weeks ago. so if we come together and actually talk about it, and not point the finger at each other to gain points with their stin wentsies, then we have a chance of making progress. >> the san bernardino police department expected to hold a briefing in about 20 minutes. we'll bring that to you when that happens. >> try to relax. everyone try to relax. i'll take a bullet before you
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do. that's for damn sure. >> reporter: the moments officers lead people to safety after the mass shooting that left 14 people dead. one by one in single file, their hands in the air. >> go. go. go. >> reporter: outside was chaotic with emergency crews at the scene and the family membersover those inside making sure their loved ones were safe. >> we have been texting back and forth. >> reporter: when did she first text? >> that something was going on. there was a shooter. >> it kind of sounded like a shooting range. >> it was all of a sudden boom. >> yeah, boom boom boom beam boom. i was right behind the building and heard all of the shots. >> reporter: some of the wounded called their loved one to say they are okay. >> she was shot and she was scared, and she said i just want to tell you i love you.
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>> she called us inside the hospital. but she is okay. >> reporter: mark spoke to his daughter after the shooting. she was safe, but the sense of shock was still fresh. >> thank god there weren't more casualties. >> this is crazy. there is just too many shootings. too much bad stuff going on here. this is insane. >> reporter: ines ferre, al jazeera. and a reminder, we are still waiting for that news conference by the san bernardino police department. it begins in about 18 minutes. stay with us. we'll take it live when it happens.
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>> we're here to fully get into the nuances of everything that's going on, not just in this country, but around the world. getting the news from the people who are affected. >> people need to demand
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reform... >> ali velshi on target. welcome back. a remind that at noon eastern time, the san bernardino police department will be holding a briefing on the shooting. we're hoping to learn more about the suspects, and any reason why they may have done what they did. and president obama saying the fbi is investigating the attack. we want to go live now to our national security contributor, j.j. green in washington, d.c. what have you learned from the sources you are talking to, now that we have heard from the president that the fbi is taking over the investigation. >> reporter: that it is a very complicated investigation. there are several issues they want to look into, the travel of the suspects, training, the
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reason for the shooting, whether or not there was some planning, whether were connections abroad. the no-fly list. we have heard about that. also the element of the situation that took place at the center yesterday, how it rolled out. was it planned? was there help? these are all elements they are looking into very seriously right now. and as i talk to folks this morning, they are starting to understand this may be a hybrid, not necessarily a workplace shooting or terrorism event or something in between. >> and the president using the phrase mixed motives. describe why they are so concerned? is it the fact that this man and this woman seem today be so well prepared, but also that argument that we're hearing the reports of that there may have been an argument prior to the shooting. >> reporter: yesterday very late in the afternoon a source who was out there said to me that there was something that took
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place based on what one of the witnesses said in the room where this party was taking place, and that there was some kind of discussion that got heated between the alleged suspect and one of the people in the party, and unfortunately, based on what i was told, it did break down along, shall we say, religious lines. not clear or sure about that. but authorities are very -- very sure that something happened to trigger this situation. that being said, the fact that this person and others were prepared the way they were, seemed to have given them concern that there was something out at bay -- or rather something else at play here. so they are not sure exactly what the motives were, if the motives were triggered by the argument, or if approximate the argument was the reason that the suspect was looking for to engage in something already planned. >> the brady center reporting that there have been 89 gun
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related deaths each and every day in this country. there are some who are saying there is now a national security debate over the issue of what does constitute terrorism, as there are so many people dying in so many different ways, that i guess the classification is being merged overseas versus domestic, and the lines are getting closer and closer, and more blurred than ever. >> authorities are trying to avoid that whole line of what constitutes it. in a situation like this, you have two individuals here who did something very similar to what took place in paris, and that was a mass killing, but the -- the scenario played out differently. there were less participants, but they were just as well prepared. the fire power they had was just as great in some cases, and if you look as well as the preparation, there was
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significant preparation. the ideology, the meaning, the plan behind it, what they were intenting to do are several of the factors that authorities are wrestling with now. but this was not just something that developed because an argument took place and then this -- this -- this rolled out 15 minutes later. there was some preplanning involved in this situation. >> and sadly we have seen the same thing at sandy hook and aurora, colorado. j.j. thank you very much. other news of the day, more testimony being heard in the trial of a police officer accused in the death of freddie gray. and in just a few moments as we have been talking about the police department at san bernardino expected to update reports on that latest mass shooting.
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♪ a reminder that as we continue to follow the events unfolding in san bernardino, at noon eastern time, the police department there will hold a briefing on wednesday's shooting. we're hoping to learn more about the details of he victims, also the suspects and a possible motive. president obama saying the fbi now taking the lead in this attack, trying to determine why those two suspects had so many weapons. but we want to get you caught up on other news happening today. the first trial of that baltimore police officer accused in the death of freddie gray now in its second day.
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william porter is one of six officers charged with the death of freddie gray. john has there been any new information coming out of this morning's testimony. >> reporter: yes, quite a bit. the prosecution is continuing its opening maneuvers to try to show that officer william porter was negligent in his duty of care towards freddie gray. the jurors have been hearing that william porter was trained on the transportation of detainees avenue he was responsible for their safety. however, under defense cross-examination, the same instructor admitted that the driver is mainly responsible for that task. and the driver's trial will begin in the new year. the jury then heard from the
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police commissioner who confirmed that policy dictates that officers are responsible for the health of detainees and getting them medical help if necessary. >> and tell us about the prosecution argument of what lead to gray's death. >> reporter: the prosecution says that the officer was negligent in his duty of care towards looking after freddie gray. they said that lead directly to his injury and death. and the neck injury he died from was sustained by the time officer porter was called to check on him. and the other main plank of their argument is all officer porter would have done to call a medic was press a red button, which all police officers in
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baltimore have on their jackets. it's one push and the medics come. but officer porter did not do that, del, the prosecution says. >> and what is the defense for officer porter? what are they saying? >> reporter: well, i think the big news from the defense is that they intend to have officer porter testify. this is unusual because normally they will make that decision as they go along. but beyond that, they are going to say, and they began saying it yesterday, that when officer porter looked into the back of the wagon it was not apparent that freddie gray was injured. and the defense is also going to
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stress that freddie gray was violent and aggressive in the back of the wagon, was responsible for rocking it back and forth and back and forth and may have been responsible for his own death. >> thank you very much. authorities in belgium arresting two new suspects linked to those attacks in paris last month. both men have now been placed in custody. they are accused of participating in er terrorist activities. british bombers making their other first strikes bombing isil targets in syria. four tornado bombers taking off from an arab base in cyprus just hours after the british prime minister's call for a stepped-up military response. they said they hit oil fields in eastern syria that were used by
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isil. earlier this morning in russia's state of the nation speech, vladimir putin laying out the state of his nation, calling out the united states for spurring what he called terrorism. >> translator: we know who wants to create regime change, who wants to violate the rules, they have made a complete mess. they have destroyed statehood and they have opened the road to extremists and terrorists. >> reporter: vladimir putin also accusing turkey of providing military assistance to isil. the kremlin is fighting with ankara over the downing of that russian war plane last month. there is a new report out this morning that outlines controversial details about u.s. spending in afghanistan. according to the report, the pentagon is spending almost $150 million renting private
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villas for security staff and visitors. the report also says the defense department wasted tens of millions of dollars on items like flat-screen tvs and fancy dinners. just a reminder, the san bernardino police department scheduled to hold a press briefing. as we wait, we'll go to alan schauffler live in san bernardino. and there are so many questions still on the table, among them any possible motive. what are you hearing? >> reporter: nothing new on that front at all, del. nothing new on motive at all. we did hear even the president just within the last hour talking about that, and saying it is just maybe too early to nail down anything for certain, is this workplace violence, a jihadist thing or terrorism, or
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inspired terrorism at this point? we just don't know. the fbi has said that is something they are looked into, that they are considering, that they are seeing things that may be driving their investigation towards the possibility of terrorism, but the at this point, we really just don't know. we are hearing some of the victims in the hospital are still critical, two victims of ten who are still hospitalized hised as critical at this point. eight of those in two different hospitals doing much better. no word yet on when they might be well enough to leave those hospitals. we're still waiting for the chief of police, or perhaps the sheriff to come at 9:00. that's when this press conference is scheduled. hope to get an update on what is going on with this investigation. federal officials right now are still at a house in redland about ten miles east of here that is connected in some way are syed farook.
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they are still at that house, still working through any evidence that they might find on that scene. we may hear more about that process, what is going on there in this press conference that is coming up, we may not. we'll wait to see what the chief of police has to say. >> alan stand by. if you are just now tuning in, we are awaiting a news conference from the san bernardino police department concerning all of the questions we have been asking about this situation throughout the morning. just moments ago president obama talking about the shooting from the white house. he called it a disturbing pattern of gun violence in america that he says has to be addressed. >> we all have a part to play. and i do think that as the investigation moves forward, it's a going to be important for all of us, including our legislatures to see what we